Are You Connected? 10 Networking Tips to Build Relationships and Profit

Creating a business network takes time and effort. So, here are eleven networking tips to help you instantly build relationships and profit.

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6. Get comfortable.

Create situations where you feel comfortable networking. Not everyone does great at large networking events organized by the Chambers of Commerce and similar organizations. If you fall into that category, be proactive instead. Invite two to three people out and ask each person to bring a new connection. Or arrange meetings ahead of time to meet specific people at the larger events. Create the situation that lets you network to your full abilities.

Thursday Bram, Consultant at Hyper Modern Consulting: @ThursdayB

7. Create a strategy.

Develop a networking plan. Identify your target audience, develop qualifying questions you can ask prospects and a create a list of places you’ll find your target audience. Prepare a 30-second elevator pitch that communicates the unique benefits you have to offer. Networking strategically helps you form professional relationships that can generate referrals and new customers.

Tarsha Polk, Small Business Marketing Coach at The Marketing Lady: @TMarketingLady

8. Take advantage of every opportunity.

Always be “on” because you never know where you will meet someone who is interested in what you’re doing. You’re “on” when you are pulled together (at your best), you have your sound bites ready, and you are ready to shine, ‘like your fabulous self’ at a moment’s notice.

Ysmay Gray, CEO at MetroSeeker: @MetroSeeker

9. Do your research.

Do a quick online search of the business and names of the people you’re connecting with (or hoping to connect with).  Find out what they’re looking for or how you can help them. Send them a brief, yet detailed message offering your help.

If they take you up on your offer, help them without asking for anything in return.  Most will offer to help you in return. Even if they don’t, it is a great way to establish yourself as someone who gives value rather than one who simply looks to profit from others.

Jordan Harbinger, Managing Partner at The Art of Charm: @TheArtofCharm

10. Be an industry expert.

Know your business better than anyone else in your industry does so people view you as the industry expert. If you’re selling payroll, know how to run a payroll, code it into the system, run the direct deposits, print the checks and pay the taxes. Know every step of the process, not just your job, and the level of trust and comfort that your contact, partners and prospects have in you will be unshakable. You will be become their immediate “go to” person.

Rob Basso, President at Advantage Payroll Services LI: @LIADVPayroll


Photo Credit: The Style Blogger

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