Business Obsessions: Entrepreneurs Can Never Have Too Many

What's your latest business obsession? There are quite a few things that every successful entrepreneur can never have too much of. Find out what lines my path to...

4. Cups of coffee.

We’re known to keep our own hours. And when you hit a spark of genius, sleep becomes overrated. That’s precisely why most entrepreneurs should own stock in Starbucks, our favorite green tea blends or energy drinks – we simply consume a lot of it. So much so, that in the morning one thing comes to mind – “But first, coffee.”

5. Cloud computing business tools.

Every young entrepreneur that I know lives in the cloud. It’s one of the best ways to do business. With access to business management tools like Zoho, Apptivo, Dropbox, Google Apps, HootSuite, GoToMeeting, OfficeBooks and more you have the agility, scalability, reliability and efficiency required to run a local, national or global business from anywhere in the world.

6. Frequent flyer miles.

If world domination is your ambition, then you’re jet-setting to your next conference, partnership meeting or hot spot in business or first-class travel quite often. And if you’re savvy, identifying the best frequent flier program based on your individual needs is essential. There are plenty of programs to choose from –AA Advantage, Delta SkyMiles, US Airways Dividend Miles, Virgin America Elevate and so on. And keep in mind that the cost-savings, perks, upgrades and lounge access can make long flights and a heavy travel schedule more blissful.

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