Follow Us: 6 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Facebook Brand Page

If you're not convinced of the business benefits associated with Facebook, here are six simple tips to help your company's Facebook Page work smarter an harder.

Are you running an early-stage startup?

Possibly you’re planning to launch a new marketing campaign? Or your brand is an established market leader, but you want to build a loyal community around it?

In all cases, developing product-level and brand recognition on Facebook yields a ton of great benefits. With nearly 850 million users, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for businesses.

But if you’re not quite sold on the business benefits associated with Facebook, here are six simple tips to help your company’s Facebook Page work smarter and harder.

1. Increase your Facebook Brand Page Followers

Though quality is more important than quantity, in the case of Facebook quantity is as important. Consequently, if you’ve just created your company Facebook Page and have a small number of fans, you should spend a serious amount of time and energy to increase this number.

A high number of fans validates successful connections with people and their expectations. As your fan base increases you will be able to attract new fans more easily and drive relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

2. Use Facebook’s Engagement Ads to Attract New Fans

Promote your Facebook Page with Facebook engagement ads to build a targeted fan base. It’s a simple way to target Facebook users that may benefit from your products or services.

Your engagement ads should include a strong call to action to capture attention and heighten conversions. For example, if you are an interior designer your ad may read, “Click Like if you need expert guidance for kitchen remodeling.” With an ad like this, you can direct people to your Facebook brand Page, give them free guidance and start your customer relationship.

3. Create Engaging Facebook Posts

Facebook scores engagement activities and monitors the effectiveness of your posts. Positive signs of engagement and interest include fans commenting on your posts, clicking “like” on your posts, and sharing your content with their friends etc.

A simple way to increase post engagement on your company’s Facebook Page is to ask easy questions. If your question doesn’t require a lot of effort or time to answer, your fans are more likely to engage. Also, don’t only focus on your business — add some fun to your social media content. Lastly, try using your fan’s names and add a personal touch and level of social reward to maximize engagement.


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