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Ditch The Algorithm: You Don’t Need Social Media To Succeed

Kat Kuczynska, founder of Lazy Profit Lab, says our world has fallen prey to an endless social media loop, and it's high time we talk about it.

When you navigate the maze of entrepreneurship today, it’s clear many of us are trapped in a relentless cycle of social media content creation. Everywhere we turn, business gurus lecture about omnipresence.

You’ve probably heard it all: “To be seen, be everywhere” or “If you aren’t on social media, do you even exist?”

Hear me out, my daring digital entrepreneur: Our world has fallen prey to an endless loop, and it’s high time we talk about it.

Sure, being omnipresent is fabulous if you’re a large business with your own marketing team, multitudes of virtual assistants, and an army of child-minders on standby ready to step into the wonderful mayhem of your family life.

If you happen to be a small team, solopreneur or just starting out – you’re effectively a meek single sparkler trying to outshine the New Year’s Eve London firework show.

How can you stand out amidst the dazzling dances and dynamic content of TikTok stars, if you’re an introvert or just the thought of twerking to your phone sends you into an anxiety spiral?

“Let’s get real: social media, while powerful, can be an exhausting, soul-sucking vortex.”

Photo: Rawpixel.com, YFS Magazine, Adobe Stock
Photo: Rawpixel.com, YFS Magazine

Let’s get real: social media, while powerful, can be an exhausting, soul-sucking vortex. A never-ending dance of trying to keep up with the latest viral challenge. Ever felt like you’re perpetually one step behind those twerking TikTok sensations or those perfectly posed Instagram influencers? Join the club.

The increasing demand to stay visible and relevant on these ever-changing platforms can feel eerily reminiscent of the corporate rat race many entrepreneurs sought to leave behind.

And as we’re all grappling with this, along comes ChatGPT, turning the business and the world on its head. Now, not only are you competing with large established businesses but also tons of other personal brands, business coaches or influencers with their poetic AI-crafted posts about authenticity. Oh, the irony!

My revelation came to me in the blurry months that followed after my little boy burst into my world, making it his personal playground (and more often than I like to admit, his personal lavatory). I decided there had to be another way. A way where I wouldn’t have to pretend to love TikTok dances, obsess over Instagram filters or needing to anesthetize myself with gin & tonic before each content batching session.

As an accredited online business consultant, I’ve seen the underbelly of business and marketing strategies. Too many are designed to bring in the money, sure, but they rob you of something even more precious: your time. The time no amount of money will ever buy you back.

This set me on an unusual, semi-heroic and semi-lunatic mission to focus exclusively on strategies that bring you both time and money, and thus, the Lazy Profit Lab was born.

Before you ask, yes, that’s the actual name. Your overworked, sleep-deprived business coach might want to send me a thank you card.

“The truth is social media works. But it demands a hefty admission fee…”

The truth is social media works. But it demands a hefty admission fee: your time, sanity, and occasionally, your dignity. Even before Chat GPT became everyone’s digital darling friend, there were myriad other marketing strategies that outshine social media, many of which are free or demand significantly less time.

Ever thought about guesting on a podcast? Maybe launching your own if you’re a gobby, talkative loon so passionate about a subject that you just can’t shut up about it? How about writing articles, featuring in 578,942 online memberships out there, or crafting evergreen blog content? Or dare I say it, finally pick the battle with your internal gremlins telling you you’re too stupid to write the book that’s been haunting you for years? And then find time it takes to write it in the cottage with open fireplace overlooking Loch Morar.

All these strategies produce timeless content that can be found weeks, months and even years after you produced it, allowing you to focus on building business assets that reward you with both time and money.

I’m here to encourage you to ditch the rigged game of social media, where your brilliance is buried in algorithmic quagmires. To craft your own playbook, paint outside the lines, and let your business flare in its own unique hue.

Now, for the zinger: Are you brave enough to step away from the sea of entrepreneurial conformity? To conjure up different results by trying something daringly different?

If you want to dazzle in a world of same-old, sometimes you’ve got to stir the pot and dare to be different.


Kat Kuczynska, a.k.a. The Woman Rebelling Against Hustle Culture, is a blogger and the founder of Lazy Profit Lab, where she publishes a newsletter dedicated to helping online businesses and personal brands build passive income so that they can make more & live more, whilst working less than ever before.


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