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How Reloc8 Em Founders Built Financial Freedom

UK entrepreneurs Trevor Henry and Greg Coles launch Reloc8 Em to offer property investment rent-to-rent opportunities within the serviced accommodation sector.

Traditional 9-5 jobs can limit a sense of freedom for the entrepreneurially inclined. While traditional work experiences provide a certain level of stability, they can limit the pursuit of dreams and goals beyond the workplace. Financial freedom built by generating income that doesn’t chain you to a cubicle office desk, gives you freedom to enjoy life on your terms.

It’s a promising concept, yet most hesitate to leap toward it for fear of losing everything. They ask themselves: Is the potential reward worth it?

Trevor Henry and Greg Coles faced this precise question.

Trevor, a Port Elizabeth, South Africa native grew up comfortably in a small family. Academics weren’t his strong suit; so he tackled hands-on tasks instead. He sought practical ways to earn a living which led him to move to the United Kingdom. Meanwhile Greg, raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, grew up in a middle-class family, completed 12 years of basic education and led an unadventurous life until 2021 when he decided to move to the UK with £400 and determination to climb the corporate ladder.

In 2022, Trevor and Greg met in the UK and found they shared a common goal: to find financial freedom in England. They both wanted to earn a generous living without sacrificing other aspects of their life, and it was challenging.

Eventually, and not without struggle, Trevor landed a high-paying job that trapped him in the same cycle he tried to avoid. “Failure is giving up and accepting yourself into a 9-5 job working for someone else. I couldn’t stand for that,” says Trevor. Similarly, Greg spent his days building multiple side hustles and day jobs to pay the bills. “I have spent days doing 12-hour shifts, realizing how much it can impact your mentality, health, and lifestyle. That’s why, I have always been in the pursuit for more freedom,” he recalls.

Poised to pursue his dreams, Trevor took a leap of faith, quit his job, and jumped into the property business. Greg joined him a few months later, and the two business partners launched Reloc8 Em. Their new real estate venture focused on buying and selling real estate, renting and operating Housing Association real estate, letting and operating conference and exhibition center, and real estate management on a fee or contract basis.

The two entrepreneurs launched Reloc8 Em to deliver property investment opportunities in the UK, select European countries, and the UAE (Dubai). The company is focused in the rent-to-rent strategy within the serviced accommodation sector. Trevor and Greg assist property investors by establishing rental agreements with landlords and managing the assets through platforms such as Airbnb or Bookings.com. This approach aims to deliver a consistent profit for investors, proportional to their investment.

“To stand out from the crowd, you need to be unconventional in your business,” Trevor adds. “What I have created alongside Greg, is nothing this market has ever seen. We are different and that is why we are doing so well.”

A key differentiator is their offer of a fixed return rent-to-rent investment. Through a 5-year joint venture, Trevor and Greg claim a seven-times return on investment, with consistent monthly payments.

Their shared goal to generate wealth for all stakeholders has freed Trevor and Greg from the shackles of what they refer to as “mundane roles” as employees. Through the launch of their property investment company, Reloc8 Em, they were able to achieve the financial independence they both desired. “I am doing what I love and making really good money from it,” says Trevor.

To learn more about Trevor and Greg’s startup venture visit reloc8-em.co.uk.


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