Digital Age Marketing: 4 Ways to Makeover your Company Brochure

Is your company brochure outdated? If so, here are four tips to help makeover your brochure and bring it into the digital age.

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The digital age (Internet) has changed the way companies market their products and services. Today’s business environment yields online marketing possibilities that are nearly endless. But even with the Internet in your marketing toolkit, you should still actively pursue other marketing strategies and tactics to increase awareness amongst your prospective customers.

Remember: your marketing efforts are at their peak when all of your optimal “tools” cooperate and support each other … working in perfect harmony. And one important tool that is often overlooked in this digital age is the ‘tried and true’ company brochure.

You can easily use this piece of printed marketing collateral to promote your business in conjunction with your website. Unlike the Internet, a brochure is tangible. The advantage to using brochure printing in conjunction with digital marketing is that not all of your information has to be crammed into your brochures. Instead, with some key forethought, you can use a streamlined brochure as a way of leading potential customers to your website.

Here’s a few ways to make that happen.

1. Use a QR Code

Short for “Quick Response Code,” this nifty bit of technology is more easily recognizable as the square black and white bar codes popping up everywhere from billboards to t-shirts. A smart phone easily scans the code and instantly navigates the user to a website. QR codes are fast becoming ubiquitous, but they’re also fresh and exciting: almost no one can resist the lure of scanning one to see what happens. Including a QR code in your brochure that links to your website means you can keep the brochure itself clean, simple, and appealing.

2. Clarify Design

One key to a solid brochure are aesthetics that are memorable, representative of your business, and visually appealing. Whether you work with graphic designers or create your marketing materials in-house, it’s essential that your brochures are consistent with the look and feel of your company’s website and overall branding. Your company logo is only one part of this. Stick to a color scheme or set of motifs appropriate to your business—that way, the transition between brochure printing and website will be seamless.

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