Technology Entrepreneur Seizes Her “Aha” Moment in Business and Makes it Count

Learn how tech entrepreneur Dana Marlowe merged her passions for disability advocacy and technology and why ultimately, everything counts.

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Best Success Story

It’s often the part when I get to see the forest after focusing on the trees. When I can change my viewpoint, that’s when I see my success. Since we’re focused on such a small part of the whole technological process, it is exciting to see the finished product.

The most rewarding part of my work is observing someone with a disability use the product we’ve finished. We’re giving someone an experience that he or she may not have been able to have before. That is rewarding.


Biggest Startup Challenge

Accessibility is a very small field in the realm of IT. We know our competition and we’re very friendly with most of them. Sometimes, it is difficult knowing that we’re up against colleagues when we’re responding to a request for a proposal. But, we’re all working towards the same common goal.


#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs

My stepfather gave me one piece of advice that I carry over to everything I do. It’s simple, only two words – “Everything counts.”

It helps me keep things in perspective. I sometimes forget that even the smallest tasks can have bigger repercussions if they’re not done correctly. However, I know my limitations — you can’t always give 100 percent. So, I try to appreciate every facet of my business and see where it could lead. Often, the little things are sometimes the most rewarding when I apply the proper energy.

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