Eliminating Entrepreneurship Fear: 5 Things to Consider Before You Take the Plunge

So what is it that we’re really afraid of? If you find yourself on the cusp of entrepreneurship, but are scared to take the plunge consider asking yourself...

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3. Would you be jobless?

Of course there might be a transition period where you’re out of work, but it’ll be temporary. Particularly, if you’re college educated and have the guts to try out your own venture, you will find a job again.

If nothing else, your foray into entrepreneurship will have broadened your skill set and made you even more marketable to potential employers. You’ll also have built a network of other successful entrepreneurs, who may very well be looking for a skill you have to offer!


4.Would you go broke?

Potentially. When pursuing entrepreneurship—particularly if you’re bootstrapping, losing your savings is a true risk. But, if you do, you can always get a new job and start anew.

Sure it may take a while to get back to the savings level you had prior to your venture, but it’s not like you haven’t depleted your bank account in the past. (Remember that trip to Cancun!?)

The risk is similar, only instead of having pictures of events you barely remember and some cheesy tequila memorabilia; you can have your own company, a life of freedom and unlimited upside potential.


5.Would you lose your friends?

You must admit, we all have an acquaintance or two that we’d be lucky to get rid of. Your true friends will always remain true to you. My friends have been nothing short of amazing, their support during my journey as an entrepreneur is overwhelming.

So you can’t afford the monthly night out with the girls? Who cares! Invite your friends over to hang at your apartment instead. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll even bring their hostess a bottle of wine for the occasion.


Choose the Path Not Taken

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Depending on your personal situation, your stakes may be much higher (i.e. if you have children, a mortgage, or other serious family obligations). But, if you’re young, ambitious and answered no to most of these questions, you can probably endure the risks that come with pursuing entrepreneurship.

You only have a set amount of time on this earth to lead a fulfilling life. If you fail, you will have learned a lot along the way, made some great contacts and have some interesting water cooler stories for your next gig. But if you succeed, well then … it’s up to your imagination how this story ends.

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