The Key to Better Small Business Bookkeeping: Using the Right Software

Instead of painstakingly searching for accounting software packages online, checkout my top picks to handle your small business accounting software needs.

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It takes a very special person to really enjoy bookkeeping. If you’re reading this, you’re likely not one of those rare folks, or maybe you are and have decided to make bookkeeping tasks much more enjoyable with better software.

Whatever your relationship with bookkeeping, we can probably all agree that any task runs much more smoothly if the right system is in place. Furthermore, as small business owners, we have enough challenges as it is running daily operations, let alone keeping accounts and invoices in order.

Unfortunately, many early-stage startups and small businesses either cannot afford a bookkeeper or simply do not want to afford one, which means that we do not have the time to constantly deal with incorrect entries or problems that we may encounter (due to human error).

How to Select Small Business Bookkeeping Software

There are several essential components to a great accounting software program. Ultimately it should help you save time and money by streamlining:

1. Accounts Receivable
2. Accounts Payable
3. Payroll
4. Inventory
5. Billing
6. Estimates
7. Ledger
8. Assets
9. Reports

Also, bookkeeping (accounting) software should be user-friendly, provide support, and offer upgrades. No small business owner has the time to go get a degree’s worth of training to use accounting software packages. And if you get stuck, you need help immediately, not in 24 hours via email. Additionally, accounting rules change so you will need an accounting package that can keep up.

Four Bookkeeping Software Options for Small Businesses

Therefore, in an attempt to help my fellow small business owners rid themselves of the pesky headache that comes on immediately when you think about bookkeeping tasks, I searched high and low for the best online small business bookkeeping solutions.

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