Because I Said So: How to Develop a Business Case For Anything

Are you convinced that your new idea has potential? If so, here are six steps to craft a logical and persuasive business case for almost anything.

4. Outline the Business Impact.

How will your proposal impact the company – in the immediate future and over the next several years? Start by outlining the costs vs. the benefits. Show conservative estimates and balance it out with optimistic goals as well. If you can’t quantify all of the benefits with data, don’t hesitate to share qualitative insights and back them up with similar case studies or research.

5. Identify the Risk.

Every new idea will require some amount of risk — time, money, resources, etc. Be transparent and outline all perceived risks and then share how you plan to mitigate them. For example, what happens when you go over budget or user-adoption doesn’t increase? Be prepared to tackle the tough questions.

6. Make a Recommendation.

Based on your due diligence what is the recommended plan of action? Provide clear, simple and timeline based steps. Empower others by listening to their concerns and then remedy them.

While not every company decision will require consensus and a committee — some major decisions will. And when your idea requires vetting, follow these simple steps to gain buy-in and take your idea into full throttle execution.

Sure, “Because I said so,” seems easier but collaboration could give your big idea more credibility and staying power in the long run.

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