John, Meet Jane: How to Take Advantage of a Coveted Business Introduction

Once you receive a coveted introduction, make good use of these 5 tips to take advantage of a referral, stay connected and make your colleague glad he cosigned...

3. Connect immediately.

This isn’t a blind date, its business, no need to act coy. Make the connection with your new contact, via phone or email, in a timely manner while you’re still top of mind. Don’t sit around and miss an open opportunity – act swiftly.

4. Sing their praises.

Not your own. Instead, the person that referred you. It will set the tone of how you’re perceived and your new contact will start thumbing through her Rolodex to see who she can refer to you. Joking aside, everyone likes recognition and your ability to “high five” others will set you apart.

5. Get to the point.

No one wants to read cryptic emails, massage eight balls or guess what you actually want. Be clear upfront. Learn what your contacts’ needs are, share yours and facilitate the exchange by creating value – more value than anyone else.


The worst thing you can do is receive an introduction and not make use of it. It sends a message that you don’t understand the value of a connection – no matter what the excuse may be. If you don’t use it – you’ll lose it … along with future introductions.

And most importantly – be yourself. Become confident about who you are and what you have to offer, raise the stakes and open yourself up to a world of business opportunities.

How do you successfully navigate introductions? Let me know in the comments section below.

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