These Ethical Sales Strategies Can Ensure Success

How to rise above unethical sales, and gain customer loyalty and credibility instead.

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In this approach, the true goal of a salesperson is to show the customer how you can help to solve his or her problem. A great salesperson can show a customer the practicality of buying a specific product or service because it can help move the customer forward toward his or her goals. Rather than focusing on your goal of meeting a quota, you are focused on the customer’s goal instead.

Two key components in attaining ethics in sales are discipline and proactive planning.


  • Discipline will help keep your finances and integrity secure. With practical discipline and forethought, desperation will not have an opportunity to alter your thinking. Overspending and poor marketing choices can be kept in check with strict self-discipline. Many entrepreneurs want to reach beyond their means to succeed, which is not inherently a negative aspect of business. However, when those little choices start to put you in debt, then your ethics can become compromised.
  • Effective planning is also crucial. For all entrepreneurs, a key question should be, “How can I maintain ethical sales and hit my monetary goals simultaneously?” This question needs to be asked before the business even launches.


Unfortunately, many businesses start out with the goal of quick money in mind and completely fail to value or maintain customer relations. In turn, many of these businesses fail within the first five years after launching.

To build a loyal customer base, you must take the high road in establishing sales. Not only will it benefit your customers’ goals, but it will also boost your sales potential and revenue as your business grows.


Ethical Sales Practices Create Loyal Customers

A business should help to satisfy customers’ needs. If you find that your product or service cannot satisfy customers and move them toward their goals, then you should avoid the sale.

When possible, use the opportunity to refer customers to a business that can aid them and see, in turn, if that business can begin referring customers to you if your business fits a customer’s need. Remember that a sale is usually the customer’s first exposure to your company, so it’s important that the experience reflect your company’s values and ethics.

Your bottom line will still benefit from rising above unethical sales, since you’ll have gained customer loyalty and credibility from your ethical strategies.


David Neagle is The Million Dollar Income Acceleration Coach, and President of Life Is Now, Inc. He mentors entrepreneurs in over 7 countries to quantum leap their current businesses past the 7-figure sales mark in just 12 months.

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