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And therein lies the opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

What kind of experiences are still lacking from your life? Chances are others are missing them too.

(There’s a business opportunity there.)

In what ways could you further connect to meaning in your life? Yep, others are looking for that too.

(There’s a business opportunity there, as well.)

As Umair Haque puts it, we’re looking to create and buy from organizations that generate wealth in “human terms.” Yes, money is important. Yes, we’re seeking financial stability. But only as a reflection of the true wealth we can create in terms of creative, intellectual, natural, societal, or relational capital.

If we as Millennials are seeking to be “better off” in a distinctly new way, then it’s our job to create businesses that facilitate this way of life for others. We can’t chase a shiny round of funding or spotlit IPO if the business isn’t creating meaningfully better lives for people. All entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship if we measure our success in human terms and allow the financial terms to derive from that.

That’s the formula for being better off for generations to come.

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Tara Gentile is a writer, speaker, and business coach leading the You Economy. She’s also the author of The Art of Earning.

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