Startup Advice: My Team Lives by These Three Business Tips

Here are three pieces of advice I received that have stuck with me and my team since day one.

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The takeaway is to analyze less and do more; only after doing do you get the actual data you need to understand your business.

3. Decision and action are always better than indecision and inaction.

This is much more important for early business success than any other factor, and has been absolute hardest thing I’ve had to learn thus far – make a decision and push the ball forward.

It sounds so simple: Do we hire him or not? This office or that office? Green or orange?

In the early days, each of those questions took us between a week and a month to answer, and often at our peril. We lost a talented person, had nowhere to work, and missed a client because our website was still “under construction.”

A good decision far outweighs the best decision if it can happen in half the time. Even a bad decision can be better than no decision!

For example, our first hire was terrible (and thus, let go after two months), but he got enough momentum going that we landed our first few clients. Then there was no turning back.


All of this advice is squarely focused on doing. It’s may be cliché, but execution really is 99.9 percent of success in the early days of any startup. Doing is far more important than thinking for startup success!

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Jesse Pujji is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ampush Social, a technology-driven online marketing company that helps advertisers turn clicks into digestible customer actions. The company has built a proprietary media acquisition tool and an analytics and attribution tool that leverage social, search, and display biddable media platforms.

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