Local Startup Celebrity: Why National Exposure is Important for Local Businesses

Here are 3 reasons why our client decided to leverage national exposure to benefit her local business.

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The businesses were thrilled with the free exposure and promoted it through their company newsletters, in their local stores, and in via their social media accounts. The national article created a domino effect of local exposure while helping to lift her brand awareness on a national level.

2. Publishing Articles on Your Site Increases Credibility

To take it a step further, once you create great content don’t forget to maximize it. Unique, relevant and original content will always be in demand.

Our client also used her website to promote (and link) to the articles. Therefore, when people visit her site, they immediately see that she was published in reputable national publications, and it creates another level of authority.

She also shared the articles she had written on her social media accounts which added value to her followers. A few clients even asked her how she was recognized by such large publications.

3. Getting Published Helps Reputation Management and SEO

There are multiple benefits to using content marketing to drive brand awareness nationally. Our client had already worked with an SEO firm and knew which keywords she wanted to rank for. Therefore, in her articles, she included these keywords and linked them back to her website. She also linked her name and her company name to the site.

Since her articles were published on websites with high page ranks, this helped with her reputation management and SEO. When you Google her name and her company name, the articles show up in the first page of results.

As a local expert, you can benefit from being recognized on a national scale. Once you’ve written an amazing article that promotes your hometown and links back to your website, make sure that it’s publication-ready and will be beneficial to the readers of the specific publication you’re pitching.

You never know, you could end up deciding that you want to branch out and become a national expert. By establishing yourself as a thought leader online, you’ll have a leg up on your competition.

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Kelsey Meyer is the Co-Founder of Digital Talent Agents, an online professional branding company that helps entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and experts gain credibility and authority online by getting published in online publications.

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