10 Questions with TicketLeap Founder and CEO, Chris Stanchak

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5. Favorite business tool(s):

Dropbox. It’s simple and does one thing really well – file sharing in the cloud. That said, it is super useful and lets me transition from my various home computers, to iPad, to office computers without missing a beat. Also, Google Chrome for iOS is amazing.

6. Favorite book(s):

My all-time favorite book is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

7. Best place to unwind:

The most relaxing place I’ve ever been to is Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding parts of Wyoming. The town of Jackson is amazing in the Summer and Winter. Given that I don’t get away there often, I’ve been practicing the art of relaxing anywhere. I’m constantly making an effort to leave the stress of the day behind when I go home.

8. Would love to have dinner with:

Bill Gates. First off, he is an amazing businessperson and visionary. If you are a hater, go read a book called The Road Ahead that he wrote in 1995 and you’ll see that he knew exactly how technology would progress.

But, more importantly, he saw a bigger picture outside of self interest and has switched his life’s work to his foundation which is democratizing healthcare globally. I have immense respect for him and would love to chat with him about life, the universe and everything.

9. You can never have too many:

Fish or plants. I’m big into bringing some zen into my life and I decorate my office and home with aquariums and live plants. When you can’t go outside, it’s nice to bring some nature into your life. It helps me to stay centered.

10. Essential business tip:

Try to make more money than you spend. Seriously, lots of people forget that’s what business is all about. When you are in an early growth stage, it’s usually not always possible to be profitable, but I find that if you can control your own destiny – rather than just needing to get to the next funding round – your business will be healthier and in the long run, you’ll win.

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