How Can Entrepreneurs Survive a Recession? Handle It Like a Woman

It's time to learn recession-management tips from those equipped to handle it best -- women.

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Impact of a Recession on Women

It’s no secret that a recession comes with many new challenges. But are women better poised to deal with them?

Recent findings indicate that women remain unfazed by the impact of recession, in comparison to their male counterparts. Recession influences the business practices of women entrepreneurs, who go on to further develop themselves to survive in the corporate world. The impact is felt by women devising to improve and manage effective strategies for survival in a  financial crisis.

What Can We Learn from Women Entrepreneurs?

Here are five key things that we can learn from women entrepreneurs.

1. Dedication towards Employees

The key to achieving success in business is build a strong base. The workforce of any company plays a major role in strengthening the foundation of a company. In general, women are greatly concerned about their employees and build a good rapport with them. This increases their loyalty, and employees remain dedicated to their organizations even during difficult times.

2. Effective Public Relation Skills

Speaking from a male point of view, women are quite adept in getting their way — for everything. Why? Some may argue that a woman with effective communication skills can easily influence people.

Female business-owners possess unparalleled public relation skills and strong convincing powers. This makes women adept at marketing. During recession, when marketing is usually sidetracked, it is these women entrepreneurs who take the bull by its horns and emerge victorious.

3. Negotiation Skills

Women are extraordinarily good at negotiating, and often bag the best and most lucrative deals. Unlike their male counterparts, female entrepreneurs leave their egos aside and utilize their polished and refined manners while negotiating. This helps them procure the toughest deals, as (most) do not lose their cool easily.

4. Carefully Guarded Decision-Making

Women have a natural ability to remain calm and patient during the trickiest situations.

Their decisions are not influenced by rash, impulsive and over-ambitious behaviors. Being naturally adept at decision-making, women entrepreneurs think twice before taking any sort of risk. Women follow the risk-aversion technique and refrain from over-extending themselves.

This is an excellent approach during a recession. In prior recessionary periods, there were many cases where entrepreneurs downsized due to lack of funds. However, research indicated that women-led businesses underwent fewer office moves in comparison to their male counterparts.

5. Improved Access to Capital

Many of today’s women entrepreneurs have better access to finance. They have won trust of banks all over the world because of their cautious, well-planned approach towards business. Today if women have improved access to capital and are better funded, it is mainly because of their cautiousness in money matters.

Overall women have become more pragmatic and cautious while investing. They are passionate about their work and organize thorough market-research before investing in any business, no matter how lucrative it seems.

It is time that we battle the impending recession by incorporating the diplomatic approach of women entrepreneurs in business practices? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Mathew Leonard is a freelance writer, who regularly contributes to business websites and blogs with a focus on small business setup tips, office moves and marketing techniques. In his free time he plays sports mainly soccer and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and traveling.

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