How to Optimize Brand Awareness and Impact Consumer Behavior (Part 2)

Last week, I shared the first two ways to link your business activities to a customer's purchase decision making process. Here are the final steps you can take...

To make matters even more complex, as buyers we subconsciously consider the appeal of your brand, the atmosphere of your retail location or the design of your e-commerce site, the pleasantries of your staff, and so on. But once you’ve gained our trust — an exchange of value — we’re hooked!

Tip: Audit your in-store or e-commerce sales experience. Ask for customer feedback via in-store surveys, utilize heat maps to see precisely what customers are clicking on and to optimize your online sales experience. Seek to make your customer-facing processes more simple and create value where your competitors don’t.

5. Post-purchase behavior.

“Whew! That was easy — the product shipped and now we can sit back and enjoy the profit!”

Not quite. Once you’ve delivered a product or service, the transaction isn’t necessarily complete. As consumers we immediately assess whether or not your offering lives up to our expectations. If we’re satisfied, we’ll possibly buy again. If we’re dissatisfied, we’ll likely expect prompt action to get us to our desired state.

Post-purchase communications with customers are essential to closing a sale and encouraging loyalty and repeat purchases.

Tip: Follow-up with customers after the purchase to gauge post-purchase satisfaction. Reward customers for their input with additional incentives. This is a great time to build relationships, reinforce brand perceptions and kick start back-end sales.

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