Smallbiz Challenge: It’s Time to Determine Your Worth

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Have you lost control of your business? If so, it’s likely because you’ve let other people define your worth.

Some or all of the following scenarios could be plaguing your small business.

1. Clients who take up more of your time than billed

2. A lengthy and exhausting sales process for your most inexpensive services

3. Living anxiously from one sale to the next with no steady income

4. Feeling like you’re constantly putting in more work than the revenue you’re bringing in

5. Giving away the farm in hopes that you’ll wow clients into hiring you, but instead they take your awesome advice and run

If any of these experiences resonates with you, it’s time to determine your worth.

Smallbiz Challenge: Set Your Price

I challenge you to take the first step and set your price.

It’s this simple: There is a price, I guarantee much higher than what you’re charging, that will eliminate these problems, add value to your services, attract ideal clients, and is high enough for you to take things seriously.

The fact is, when your products and services are priced too low (and you know it), you can start to lose sight of why you’re in business. And when this happens, contempt sets in.

This often leads to business spinning out of control. Value is lost and you stop taking things seriously.

I know, because I’ve been there.

But, once I unapologetically set my price, everything changed for the better in my business.  My services enhanced, value increased, and clients have never been happier. I could never be happier.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Redefine Their Worth

I know some of you are thinking: “Seriously? I’m struggling to sell my services at the price it’s at now. How am I possibly going to sell my services for a higher rate?”

My answer is simple.

If you don’t think you’re worth it, your customers won’t either.

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