Bargain Hunting Entrepreneurs Monetize the “Thrill of a Good Deal” with Hoopla Doopla

Learn how Frank DeBlasi and co-founder Tom Cangley turned their love of bargain hunting into a successful business and why DeBlasi believes entrepreneurs must be able to accept...

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Best Success Story:

Our best success story to-date is being quickly noticed by the national media.

Hoopla Doopla launched in early 2009,  amidst a struggling economy. Just a few days after that initial launch, a producer at Fox News contacted me to run a story on Hoopla Doopla. Excited about the concept, the producer wanted to develop a feature story on Hoopla Doopla and how our concept provided a great way for people to save money in a troubled economy.

The airing received tremendous response, and was soon followed by stories on, an ABC TV talk show appearance and more.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

My biggest startup challenge was similar to many other companies that are starting out — money.

I was able to eliminate a huge startup expense by collaborating with my co-founder to build the product ourselves. We had to pay for website hosting, incorporation fees and a few other things to form the company.

Once the site was live, we were able to utilize inexpensive online services for email marketing, customer support and more until the cash flow grew from sales.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

When you start a business you will be challenged.

You must be able to accept and deal with possible setbacks along the way. Don’t get discouraged by them. These are your biggest learning experiences.

Being able to work your way through highs and lows will not only benefit the growth of your company, it will make you a smarter leader and small business owner.

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Photo Credit: Pictured left to right; Frank DeBlasi, Tom Cangley of Hoopla Doopla

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