Flyover State Bias: The Perks and Pleasures of Doing Business in the Midwest

The next time you're traveling between the East and the West Coasts, consider these three competitive advantages of doing business in the Midwest.

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3. Looking Past the Glamour of Metropolises

I get the fact that most college graduates and young entrepreneurs fall victim to the lights and glamour of big cities. The cities appear more lucrative, they seem to offer more adventure, and the vision of “making it” in New York or Silicon Valley is sexier than in a land-locked state.

However, you should consider how superficial the rat race is out there.

Is the stress of a dog-eat-dog world worth your peace and tranquility? Is it worth working 15-hour days, only to come home to shove down dinner and sleep before you have to do it all over again? You have to ask yourself what there is to gain, outside of running a successful business. The time you lose with your family and friends can’t be regained.

Before you sign your life away to the coastal atmosphere, take a look at the practicality of living in a “flyover state.”

Across the board, your lifestyle, business, and overall quality of life will benefit. There’s no need to sacrifice time, pleasures, or comfort for the sake of a check. Want to see the coast? Take a vacation. You can stress about plane tickets and how long you want to stay at the beach – and then come back and enjoy the comforts of your “flyover state” status.

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