The Curator: Chief Decision Makers, Inspiring Ted Talks, Lean Startups, Lean Planning, VCs Take Heed, Nurturing Contacts

Here's our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

The Curator

Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

 Most Startup Founders Aren’t Cut Out To Run Their Companies “Almost all startups have a CEO – the person that sits atop the org chart – but not all have a CDM (Chief Decision Maker). Every new business needs one person who is going to make important decisions about how the business is to move forward, no matter what the rest of the group consensus is.” (Business Insider)

David Cohen: 6 Inspiring TEDTalks for Entrepreneurs “Entrepreneur and investor David Cohen is used to picking his favorites. As the founder and CEO of startup accelerator TechStars, he has invested in over 150 companies, which have collectively raised over a quarter billion dollars in capital and employ over a thousand people. When we asked David if he’d be interested in sharing his favorite TEDTalks, he jumped at the opportunity.” (Mashable)

7 tactics lean startups need to build great products “Among lean startups, a common mantra is “launch and learn.” Braden Kowitz of Google Ventures Design Studio says that’s precisely the wrong approach and suggests seven strategies that he says will save time and lead to a better product.” (GigaOM)

Lean Planning Drives Growth For Small Business “These days more than ever, as a business owner and entrepreneur, you need to innovate or die. This mantra is most true for any business in the technology sector. We constantly need to move forward, create new things, better and faster.” (Forbes)

VCs Take Heed: Entrepreneurs Offer Some Tips “Venture capitalists fill tech blogs, their firms’ websites and their personal blogs with advice to entrepreneurs about how to raise money–filling space with gems like “Don’t ask us to sign a nondisclosure agreement” and “Don’t just call, get an introduction first.” (The Wall Street Journal)

Small Business Strategies: Nurture your contacts “What’s in a name? While Shakespeare may have questioned the value of names, small businesses know better. Every name and email address of customers, prospects, or referral sources is valuable; every new follower on Facebook or Twitter is a potential new client. Names, contacts and followers are prized company assets and potential leads. So it’s time to build your list.” (USA Today)

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