Startup Sabotage: 4 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage in Business

Here are four tactics I personally use to effectively help entrepreneurs "get out of their own way" and avoid failure to launch.

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3. Think of what your life will be like if you don’t do it.

When a person self-sabotages in business, they are essentially making “misguided attempt to rescue [themselves] from their own negative feelings.” Ultimately, when you “get in your own way” it’s hard to move forward with confidence.

If you have a tendency to shoot yourself in the foot or put obstacles in your business path, it has likely become a habit. And since you’re clearly successful at that, why not put your self-initiated scare tactics on a different path and scare yourself into it.

Write down all the things that will result in you not moving forward in business. Will you slide back into a career your hate? Will not starting a business put strain on your relationships, due to unfulfillment? Turn negatives into positives and use your concerns as catalysts to propel you forward in entrepreneurship.

4. Have a drink, then jump.

Eventually you’re going to have to make the leap into entrepreneurship. You can’t talk about starting a business – forever. You’ve got to ignore the crazy things people say to entrepreneurs and just do it.

It’s better to do it quick — like ripping off a band aid.

It is my personal belief that people are rewarded when they take a risk and put themselves out there. Blind faith comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. Accept that you are not going to be able to control everything and trust in the hard work, dedication, and passion you’ve already invested. It will pay off eventually, but you have to take the first step.

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