Interview: Entrepreneur Bash Asuri Talks Facilitating India-US Trade Partnerships for American Small Businesses

Learn how Bash Asuri launched his company to facilitate small business trade between the world's largest democracies and why he believes you should never start a business merely...

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Best Success Story:

From the onset we knew that for UIBusiness.com to be truly successful, we had to establish real bilateral trade. We did not want UI Business Corp. to be another platform that helped American businesses source products and services cheaply; we had to be able to help American businesses develop export sales.

Again, this took a while, but we found a client in India looking to import forklifts to support the infrastructure boom there. Then we found a willing partner in Ohio-based Russell Equipment. After the initial exchange of data and price estimates, we arranged a conference call that resulted in a quick sample sale. A container shipment was ordered, both sides were happy with the transaction and no one had to leave their offices to do it.

Mike Russell, the CEO of Russell Equipment had this to say about UIBusiness.com: “I cannot think of a more safe and cost-effective way to enter an overseas market like India. India represents a multimillion dollar market for our products and we expect to secure our fair share of this revenue by partnering with UI Business Corp.”

Biggest Startup Challenge:

The biggest challenge for UI Business Corp. has been (and is) convincing clients about our value proposition. There is a sense of disbelief that we can deliver so much value at so little a price. We’ve had to go the extra mile to deliver successful transactions. But with each new success, this task becomes a little less harder.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

Never start a business merely to make money. Any business idea must have a larger social impact and must benefit the greater community. Mine is to help small businesses do better. Every single business transaction UIBusiness.com enables helps the community in which I live and work, better.

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Photo: Bash Asuri

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