Five Product Launch Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Big Brands

Here are five product launch tips to help you successfully role out your next big idea.

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4. Build up communications forces early.

Continuously engage with consumers online. Responsiveness shows that a brand cares about its consumers, which helps build brand loyalty.

Rather than being on the defense when it comes to the influx of interest around a product launch, Clear proactively ramped up its marketing communications forces ahead of the launch. For your next product launch, develop a plan to scale your communications with consumers. The right messaging can go viral rather quickly.

5. Create shareable content.

It’s one thing to tweet, “Hey, check out our new product!” and another to offer a fun or helpful video, infographic, or other piece of content that encourages engagement with your brand.

Share-worthy content allows your product to be seen in a more captivating way, and as it’s shared online, can attract attention from consumers who may not have heard about your products before. In Clear’s case, they created a mini-series called “Best Night Ever” with celebrities like Jane Krakowski and Andy Cohen.

While that’s big-budget, creating engaging content for your launch does not have to break the bank. Startup Dollar Shave Club is a prime example of how this works:

“The number one thing going for Dollar Shave is that male consumers see its brand as cool,” according to PandoDaily. “The company orchestrated a masterful re-launch in March of this year in partnership with Santa Monica technology studio Science Inc. The hilarious viral video that accompanies the promotion has since been viewed more than 7.2 million times.”

Dollar Shave Club spokesperson Ben Kellogg says the video cost just $4,500 to produce. To-date they’ve reached nearly 7 million views in just a few months! But if video isn’t your style, consider creating an infographic that educates or entertains while it features your new product. Good infographics are not expensive to create; there are even easy-to-use tools out now like Infogram or Piktochart. Shareable content can yield a big payoff as it amplifies your launch efforts.

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Doreen Bloch is the author of the book, The Coolest Startups in America, and is the CEO and Founder of Poshly Inc. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where she was awarded the Jack Larson Fellowship for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

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