Startups, Work Smarter: 3 Types of Work and How to Prioritize It All

There are three kinds of work small business owners do on a regular basis and one you should prioritize more than the rest.

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The Type of Work you Should Focus on in Business

If you’ve just started a business and find that you’re losing faith in the dream of having a business that takes care of you (instead of you taking care of it), then it’s likely because you’re doing so much of the first two categories of work. When that type of work is disproportionate to your results, frustration is the natural byproduct.

In order to get on the right track, exercise your responsibility to long-term growth work, even if you don’t see immediate results. This type of work can help you better weather the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. If a particular idea doesn’t work out, you have the systems or relationships in place to get you through. This type of work yields comfort in knowing your next idea or opportunity is already in the works.

If you realize that your business needs more consideration of long-term growth work and less of the rest, you need to schedule it. Put it on your calendar. Honor it like a client appointment or a project deadline. This is the work that will keep your business in business – respect it.

Once you’ve got long-term growth work on the calendar, create systems that reduce the amount of other types of work you’re doing. Use your scheduled time to create a training or on-boarding process for an assistant or business manager. Also use that time to plan for new products or services that require less effort or active time from you. Shift your business model to one that leverages your time & talents.

Bottom line: how would you spend your time if long-term business growth was your primary responsibility?

‘Cause it is.

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