YFS Magazine Debuts Ebook Revealing Success Secrets Of Leading Entrepreneurs

50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success is a go-to business success guide for seed, early stage startup and growth companies.

DALLAS, TX – December 21, 2012 – YFS Magazine recently debuted its free business ebook, 50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success, which is poised to become the new go-to business success guide for seed, early stage startup and growth companies looking to unlock the hidden benefits of planning for business success.

“There are millions of small businesses in the United States, but what is it that makes some businesses so successful?” said Erica Nicole, Founder and CEO, YFS Magazine. “To answer this question, I have curated a collection of best practices – in collaboration with seventeen leading entrepreneurs across multiple industries – to reveal proven success strategies and secrets.”

YFS Magazine’s new ebook 50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success says it is one thing to talk about success and truly another to plan for it; execute goals, processes and steps to achieve it.

In today’s dynamic small business environment three of the 50 ways to plan for small business success include:

1. Manage your cash flow. “Your bottom line is extremely important, and overspending could make the difference in whether or not you are able to grow and be profitable. Review your budget quarterly, at a minimum, and look for ways to cut your costs and operate more efficiently without cannibalizing the customer experience…,” according to Bill Clark, President and Founder, MicroVenture Marketplace.

2. Humanize your social media marketing efforts. “Let some of your most influential company leaders interact on your social media networks. Everyone in your company has a personal brand and a story to tell. Remember, your customers do not buy what you do – they buy why you do it. Social media is the perfect platform to show your customers the face behind the brand they love,” suggests Amy Jo Martin, New York Times Best-Selling Author and CEO and Founder, Digital Royalty.

3. Shut up and listen to your customers. “A Fortune 100-sized company, one of our larger clients, recently came to us for a solution that we thought already existed. When we discovered that it did not exist, we asked, “Why not just create it ourselves?” If a larger company is looking for a specific solution, imagine how many other companies might be as well,” said Kenny Nguyen, CEO and Founder, Big Fish Presentations.

These tips, along with 47 others, from well-respected and successful entrepreneurs, provide baseline knowledge and inspiration that small business owners need to create unique and individual success plans.

In 50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success, Erica Nicole reveals the key principles and tactics used by successful small business leaders to provide a behind-the-scenes look into the new world of business success. By sharing real-world advice from those who have built successful small businesses, Erica Nicole curates their collective wisdom into one compelling and comprehensive blueprint.

50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success is available online.

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Business ebook contributors include: Erica Nicole, CEO and Founder, YFS Magazine; Bill Clark, President and Founder, MicroVenture Marketplace, Inc.; Christine C. Kirk, CEO and Founder, Social Muse Communications; Chris Myers, CEO and Co-founder, BodeTree; Tara Gentile, Lab Director and Co-founder, Kick Start Labs; Nina Kaufman, Esq., CEO, Kaufman Law PLLC; Amy Jo Martin, CEO and Founder, Digital Royalty; Evan Kirkpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, Wendell Charles Financial; Kimberly Bordonaro, President, Kimberly Bordonaro Personal Branding; Kenny Nguyen, CEO and Founder, Big Fish Presentations; Lindsey Donner, Co-founder, Well Versed Creative; Tai Beauchamp, CEO and Founder, The BluePrint Group; Chelsea Krost, Founder, The Chelsea Krost Show; Tony Gaskins, CEO and Founder, Gaskins Productions; Mitchell Harper, CEO and Co-founder, Bigcommerce; Lauren Rich, Director and Founder, RICHPR; Bryan Angelo, President and Co-founder, Empowered Media Group; Vasavi Kumar, Founder, Vasavi Kumar Coaching.


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