Op-Ed: Dear Startup, How Bad Do You Really Want Entrepreneurship?

Here is a quick and sure-fire way to assess if entrepreneurship is right for you.

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Have you ever heard someone tell you, “I don’t have time to start my business?”

When I hear this excuse I tell people, “Yes you do. It is just not a burning priority for you yet.”

Harsh? Probably. But it is nevertheless truthful.

I know it is painful to hear, but consider this: you have the same 24 hours in each day that everyone else on the planet is afforded. You can decide to create opportunities for your business, connect with family and friends in meaningful ways,  connect with your inner-self and help someone in need. All of this can be accomplished within a 24-hour period.

So if you look at other people achieving their dreams, building their businesses and you are not — take a moment and examine if starting a business is really a burning desire.

I know. I know. There are so many priorities competing for your attention. Let us not forget that your personal interests, finances, family obligations and the stuff you want to do for fun are also a tremendous priority. It is hard to dedicate the time.

However, all successful small business owners and entrepreneurs started with a burning desire followed by a decision.  For instance, think back in your life to a specific time in which you really wanted something. How did you handle that burning desire? Did you ultimately achieve your end goal?


How to Decide if Entrepreneurship is Really For You

So, back to the prevailing question: Is starting a business a burning desire?

If you aren’t sure then I challenge you to do the following two things to assess if entrepreneurship is right for you.


1. Re-examine your life goals.

First examine if you really–genuinely and truly–want to start a business. Do you have a dream, vision, passion or interest that you are willing to commit to for the next several years … possibly without an immediate payoff?

If after careful thought you realize the answer is no — don’t worry. Half of the battle is solved. But if you know that you will not find peace in your life until your vision becomes a reality, you are willing to invest valuable resources (i.e. time and money) , and acquire new knowledge then I challenge you to start today: write down your vision and keep it in front of you daily.

For example, your vision statement can be placed:

a. In your bedroom where you can see it every night and morning,

b. On your phone where you can look at it at least 4 to 5 times a day;

c. And in another place that will trigger your thoughts and help you maintain focus.

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