Four Practical Ways to Get Unstuck and Accomplish More

Here are four practical ways that every small business owner can accomplish more this year and get unstuck.

Behind every great goal is … execution.

Identifying opportunities and then completing a set of deliverables to support your business vision is a mastery like none other. However, practical application is the first step to checking off more than one project on your list.

If you find yourself with great expectations and a lack of true achievement, here are four practical ways to accomplish more this year and get unstuck:

1. Find an accountability partner.

Who keeps you accountable to the goals you set in your business. For many the answer is, “I do. I hold myself accountable.” For others, especially startups, it is not always that cut and dry.

Accountability does not come easily for some small business owners. However, the culprit is not a lack of well-meaning attempts but rather the lack of habit…that must be developed. If this is the case, find someone that can and will keep you accountable.

Entrepreneurs with accountability partners can attest to improved focus, less deviation, more progress in less time, a results-oriented perspective, balance and other improved professional areas, according to Amber Singleton Riviere in a GigaOM post.

2. Say no to people and projects that don’t support your vision.

As your business grows, you will find that more and more opportunities will naturally come your way. However, regardless of how big or small an opportunity may be it should pass your vision test first. Start by asking yourself, “Does this project align with my current business goals?” If your answer is no, politely decline.

The problem with accepting projects that do not fall within your vision scope is a drain on resources that are required to make certain priorities a win-win in your business. If you have limited resources one of your best allies is focus. It is hard to focus when you are mentally pulled in 10 different directions.


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