Eight “Fatigue Busting” Energy Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need energy to accomplish all of those great ideas, so here are eight simple and effective ways to fight fatigue and get more done.

5. Avoid Coffee, Energy Drinks and Soda

These have been proven time and time again to make you feel sluggish by mid-day. The caffeine helps you power through the morning, but inevitably you crash shortly after lunch. So what do you do?

If you must have caffeine, drink tea. Tea has 25 to 50-percent of the caffeine as coffee while providing other health benefits. Ideally, no caffeine would be better. Foods like apples, seeds, and carrots have been shown to increase energy levels. Try drinking them if you have a juicer, or eating them if you don’t.

6. Delegate

Sometimes we’re tired because we simply take on too much. Practice delegating some of these tasks to people you think can handle them. Let them know that you are putting your trust in them and you are sure that they will do a great job. This vote of confidence generally puts an employee in a mindset that they want to prove themselves and show that they’re worthy of your trust on future assignments. Reward them for their hard work.

7. Take a Break

Steve Jobs once said that his best ideas didn’t come to him while he was at work. I think if you really broke down the origins of most your great ideas, you’d find the same. Our mind, much like our body, delivers results after you work it and then give it a period to cool down. Frequent breaks have been shown to boost office place positivity, productiveness and quality of work.

Try the Pomodoro Technique. Work as hard as you can, without distraction for 25 minutes, and then take 5 minutes to get up and away from your desk. The Pomodoro Technique takes some getting used to, but it has been shown to improve mental agility over the course of the day.

8. Set Limits

Some of the most successful people I know don’t work on weekends or holidays. Why? Because they realize that business is a job and that family and friends are just as important (if not more so). When business is always your number one priority, you’re missing out on life, which leads to burn-out, decreased energy levels, anxiety, moodiness and regret.

Take time to enjoy things outside of the business world. The more you enjoy your time with loved ones, the less important the stress of business begins to seem. Relish it.

Enjoy 2013 and may it be your best (and most energetic) year ever!

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Chris Warden is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO. Starting his entrepreneurial career at age 19, he has performed in numerous capacities owning and managing both offline and online companies. Chris now serves as CEO of Spread Effect, a leading content marketing and publishing company. He is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and often writes on topics of content marketing, SEO, and business development. He’s passionate about building and mentoring world-class teams and loves to chat with like-minded individuals. You can connect with Chris via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+.



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