Email Marketing Tips: How to Grow and Utilize your Customer Database

As you grow your company's email subscription list here are four simple ways to build its effectiveness.

Ideally, small businesses should be making contact with a lot of people on a frequent basis. Not necessarily physically, but in a way that your company becomes a consistent presence in people’s lives. This is a natural part of building and maintaining a group of customers for your business.

One of the best ways to nurture customer relationships is to grow and utilize your customer database. Not only can this help your bottom-line business, but it provides incremental value to customers as well. 

Internet marketing, specifically email marketing is a fantastic way to start.  

Nurturing Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing 

A simple way to think of email marketing in this capacity is to think of your customers and clients as dominoes – and people in their social circles also as dominoes.

If your company provides an excellent product or service your customers and clients might be keen to recommend your services to people they know. Help them to do this. Remind them in a friendly way to do so.

As long as they have opted-in (allowed) you to contact them via email upon registration on your company website (or by some other means) then emailing them is a good way to build your relationship.

Simple Ways to Optimize your Email Marketing Efforts

As you grow your company’s email subscription list here are four simple ways to build its effectiveness:

1. Optimize email for easy referrals. In your email communications provide customers a simple way to recommend your business to their network — thereby expanding your mailing list subscriptions through referrals.

2. Build your social media presence. Encourage existing customer and clients to follow your business on social networking websites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others). Enable customers to engage with your company on various platforms they use frequently and remind them of your presence on social networks with each email blast.

3. Communicate on a consistent basis. If you have built an email list, commit to sending a dedicated email blast each week or at a frequency that customers can begin to expect.

4. Encourage recommendations. Make it easy for customers to recommend your business by integrating a Facebook “Like” button into your email newsletter design. 

Email marketing is one of the best ways small business can utilize their customer databases to grow their relationships and revenue. After all, the Internet is about connectivity between people and it represents a great avenue for companies to market themselves in a way that engages, educates and provides value to customers.

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