Startup Panic: How to Release “Right Now” Thinking and Make Powerful Progress in Business

Learn why diving in "right now" as though your life and business depends on it is not always the best business approach in every situation.

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How to Free Your Mind and Business from “Right Now” Pressures

When we take off the mental straight jacket of “right now” thinking and tune into our inspiration–follow our flow, listen to what feels right–we open ourselves up to more in life and business.

For example, I find that whenever I “schedule” myself to do certain creative tasks it somehow never happens. I know that I cannot force my creative flow. Instead I follow the hunch–the irresistible urge–and soon my creativity pours out effortlessly.

By giving myself the time and permission to go at my own pace, I get the job done quicker (and much better) than if I were to force myself to fight against the clock.

However, please get me right here.

I am not at all suggesting that we should aimlessly wander through life, following the wind and what we fancy at that given time. Of course there needs to be a container for accountability to give life to our vision.

However, for me rather than “fighting against time” by following a rigid work schedule and goals I prefer the idea of bringing forth powerful intent. Intent implies clarity of vision and strength of will while conjuring that all important notion of delicious space.

Space to trust in yourself — to let go of the rule book and open up wholeheartedly to the mystery and wonder of life.

Because at the end of the day, when it comes to making powerful progress and change in our lives and businesses, we are all unique. Different approaches work better for some than others.

Most importantly, if you find that you are like my client–no matter how hard you try you keep going round and round in circles, perhaps it’s time for a different approach?

Perhaps removing the pressure of “right now” and giving yourself some space is exactly the thing you need?

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