Four Ways to Implement Content Marketing for your Small Business

Content marketing can be hard. But the good news is -- it is important and doable. Here are four ways to improve your company's content marketing efforts.

3. Outsource “The How”

Not a good writer? Don’t like to write? Don’t want to write? Have no time to write? Solution: Outsource your company’s content marketing needs. There are plenty of freelance writers who are willing to write for your small business. You may even have an undiscovered and talented writer or two on your team or among family and friends.

Ask for a few writing samples before you hire a freelance writer. Give them a test run by asking them to write an article that is appropriate for your content marketing efforts.

4. Locate “The Where”

Find guest blogging opportunities in relevant and high quality websites then pitch your story idea. You can also sign up for blogger linkup, a place where you can find people to write for you and you can apply to guest blog on other sites. There is always a need for guest posts on business and finance, travel, lifestyle and health, technology, arts, education and other industry magazines and blogs.

Conduct a Google search for things like “guest blog lists” or “contribute to blog.” Check opensiteexplorer.org on SEOmoz, enter the URL of others in your industry, see where they have guest blogged and apply to submit a guest post.

However, keep in mind that your content should not be wasted on poor quality websites. Numerous factors determine a site’s overall quality. For example, if a site’s content is poorly written and overloaded with links and ads, don’t bother. You can also check the Page Rank (scale of 1-10) and Domain Authority (1-100). If it’s on the low end of both rankings, look elsewhere.


After you have followed the above-mentioned steps don’t forget to share your content across various social media networks. Tweet it, post it on your Facebook page and anywhere else you can promote it.

Keep in mind that content marketing is just one piece of a very big, very complex SEO puzzle that can improve your overall marketing efforts and lend credibility to your business and your brand.

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Ellen Gipko is a Marketing Specialist at HubShout, a U.S. based SEO reseller, website reseller and online marketing firm. Services include SEO, local SEO, websites, pay per click advertising, email marketing, social media, content marketing.



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