Interview: Tanvi Bhatt Talks Business Age Barriers and Pioneering Personal Branding in India

Learn why Bhatt started a personal branding business and why she believes passion, respect, and self-conviction are essential to business success.

Best Success Story:

I am a featured expert in India’s most respected Business Daily: The Economic Times-Corporate Dossier, where I share my insights and tips on all things personal branding. I am the youngest contributor to this iconic newspaper and am deeply honored to have been invited to write for them.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

Our biggest challenge was credibility, as I was a young enterprising professional yearning to make my mark amid more seasoned professionals. People found it difficult to accept self-enhancement lessons from a 22 year-old, and this was the most critical roadblock in my business.

With time I realized that it’s not a common mindset, and the people with such an antiquated outlook were seldom open for change. I revised my marketing strategies and re-designed my approach. I started to pitch to my ideal target audience — true thought leaders, who think, live and breath change. Thus they welcomed other such thought leaders and, most importantly, respect them and evangelize them.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs

Know your passion; acknowledge it; respect it and pursue it with one-thousand percent self conviction.

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Photo: Tanvi Bhatt


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