Interview: Teen Entrepreneur Lenore Luca Talks Radio, Becoming an Author and Never Giving Up

Learn how Lenore Luca found her voice at an early age and why she vehemently believes that teen entrepreneurs should never give up.

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Best Success Story:

I booked Disney Channel Star and Hollywood Records Recording Artist Coco Jones as a guest on the show. I have also had other teen icons on my show before so I didn’t think anything of it until my call-in board had hundreds of callers calling in to speak to her.

I was going insane and almost lost my mind with the amount of callers calling in. To be honest, I almost lost my guest within the calls. That is when I realized that I love giving fans the opportunity to talk to their idols — people they look up to.

As a motivational speaker, I will always remember when I completed one of my first speaking engagements at the YMCA ‘Follow Your Dreams’ Rally. After I spoke to my fellow peers for an hour, a girl came up to me crying. I honestly did not know what to do. I thought to myself, “Great! I made someone cry, my speech was that bad.”

She proceeded to tell me that my talk on being yourself and not conforming to what everyone else wants you to be, was something that she had been struggling to do for a while. She told me that, because of my speech, she was going to go home and talk to her parents and tell them how she really feels and what she personally wants to do with her life. She also planned to tell her friends who she really is and who she truly wants to become.

That is when I truly realized that I had a purpose in life: to help inspire others to follow their dreams and to be unique.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

One of my biggest challenges was, and still sometimes, booking celebrity guests on Teen Groove On The Move. When I first started my Internet radio show, it was very difficult to convince PR agents and managers to have their clients as guests. I heard a lot of no’s.

I thought to myself that no one is going to want to listen to what I have to say unless I have a celebrity on the line with me. I soon learned that wasn’t true. But after hearing a few “Yes’s” it was easier to book other guests. I started building up my credibility with the guests that I had on my show.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

Never give up! That is the one tip I have.

Life is hard and it is difficult to start a business from scratch. There are going to be many times when you want to quit and give up because it is not worth your time. However, when you reach those times in your life is when you have to push harder and prove to everyone, including yourself, that you can accomplish your goals and will fight through anything that is thrown your way.

Like I said before, life is hard. It is like one huge never ending roller coaster of ups and downs, so never give up.

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Photo: Lenore Luca

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