Why Your Enthusiasm Is Costing Your Company Sales

One of the first lessons in sales is “don’t oversell.” Learn four simple ways to keep sales conversations focused.

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4. Do your homework

Before you start to pitch your company to new clients, do your research to find out who is the right person to talk to within your prospect company. For instance, if you make an app that can help companies get more followers on Twitter, look for someone in the marketing department who specializes in social media marketing.

Or, if you offer services in information technology, look for ways to contact someone in the appropriate department–whether it be within an IT department or the accounting department–that’s looking for ways to save money on IT.

Look at your professional network on LinkedIn to find out which people you already know at these companies. Then follow these people on Twitter or LinkedIn to build relationships before you make a sales pitch. Find some real-life in-person networking events or conferences to go to where people from your target companies might be in attendance.

Entrepreneurial enthusiasm is a precious commodity, but don’t let it hold you back from closing sales. Channel your passion in the right direction and use a focused, consistent approach.

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Gregg Schwartz is the Director of Sales at Strategic Sales and Marketing, an industry-founding lead generation company specializing in major account B2B lead generation. Gregg has helped develop hundreds of sales programs for startups.


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