Five Ways to Improve your Company’s Branding Strategy

Here are five tips to help you create the right brand strategy for your small business.

4. Consistency is the key

Maintaining a consistent approach to your branding efforts can produce outstanding results. Choosing, and sticking with, a defined color scheme and corporate logo that is presented on all of your company’s correspondences and marketing campaigns can allow you to build consumer recognition for your products and services.

With repeated viewings and exposures, consumers will begin to form an opinion of your company to create the foundation for your ongoing branding strategies and campaigns.

5. Mobilize the troops

More consumers access the Internet through mobile devices each year. In fact, “over 1 billion of the worlds 4+ billion mobiles phones are now smartphones, and 3 billion are SMS enabled (weirdly, 950 million mobile phones still don’t have SMS capabilities). In 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage,” according to a Microsoft Tag report on Digital Buzz Blog.

To achieve online success your company’s branding strategies must be optimized for a new mobile market. Website redesigns and scalable logos can allow your target audience to identify your company more easily regardless of screen size or type of device.

By incorporating mobile web design considerations into your overall marketing strategy, you can achieve a greater degree of success in the competitive marketplace.


Every small business is different and requires its own unique set of branding strategies to establish name recognition. By integrating these five guidelines into your corporate marketing plan, you can achieve improved brand recognition and visibility with your most likely customers in the online marketplace.

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Matt Markow is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Bailey Brand Consulting. He is an accomplished marketing, media and educational professional with a strong portfolio of contributing to the success of organizations and their stakeholders. Matt has extensive experience with marketing and media campaigns on multiple distribution and multimedia platforms. From traditional media to interactive media, Matt has managed and developed campaigns that have exceeded the goals and expectations of his clients.


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