Channel Your Inner Child to Create a Successful “Dream” Business

Here are 5 tips on challenging your inner child to create your dream business.

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4. Don’t Allow Fear to Block Your Inner Child’s Desire to Shine

Never let fear get in your way. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important, but when it comes to meeting your professional goals, you’ll have to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible.

As a child and young adult, I was extremely fearful of public speaking. Even though speaking in front of others made me nervous, it was a fear I wanted to overcome. I had a strong desire to give speeches about important topics to large groups of people, so I never gave up. Eventually, I overcame my fear. Today public speaking is a skill that’s required in my daily work. I knew I had it in me, it was just going to take a little time and practice.

5. Remember, Adults Have An Imagination, Too

As adults, we forget that we have lived long lives and experienced much, so our minds are filled with tons of great stories, some fiction and some not. As entrepreneurs, we must constantly create ideas and think outside the box. Creating always calls for imagination.

The most important key to channeling your inner child is to learn how to tap into that imagination. As a children’s book author, I go out and learn new things through travel and study.  I read children’s books, journal, and spend time with children, always trying to get on their level in order to relate to them while writing my stories.

All of my book characters reflect experiences in my childhood and represent my inner child. Iggy was my first pet who took on the experiences I had in elementary school, Snap Shell, one of my sixteen pet turtles represents my love for adventure in the Turtle Town surfing series, and Little Miss Molly, well she is the princess that every little girl dreams of being.

Without my childhood memories and big imagination, I would not have been able to be the entrepreneur that I am today. My goal now is to remind children that reading and writing will always be a part of their lives, and their imagination will always help them soar. We as adults should continue to value our inner childhood gifts as well.

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Melissa Williams is the author of the Iggy the Iguana chapter book series, the Turtle Town chapter book series and the Little Miss Molly picture book for kids, the owner of LongTale Publishing, and founder of the literacy non-profit foundation READ3Zero. Melissa has been writing stories since she was eight years old. Melissa’s first series came out in 2008 after completing her master’s degree in professional counseling. Melissa continues to connect to her young readers by visiting schools and speaking to students about her journey while giving hands-on insight into the writing and publishing process. Melissa also hosts writing workshops and summer camps for her readers throughout the year.

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