Good Service, Good Business: 10 Must-Read Customer Service Articles for Entrepreneurs

If you're looking for new ways to deliver more happiness here are ten articles to help you win the hearts of your most valuable customers before, during and...

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6. How to Act Like a Small Business and Think Like Your Customer

Sure, your business may be successful, yet when it comes to customer acquisition (and taking your company’s sales to the next level) you can’t figure out what makes buyers tick! If you find it’s been harder to attract quality customers lately, you’re not alone. The customer acquisition rulebook has changed. You may find it worth your while to act like a small business — and think like your customer. Read more

7. Best In Class Customer Service: 5 Tips to Increase Trust, Loyalty and Sales

Have you ever called a company to make a purchase or inquire about their offering, only to be greeted by a customer service agent that wasn’t well trained in service at all? As an entrepreneur, the best way to improve your customer service, whether internal or outsourced is to think like a customer. Read more

8. Make Customers Want You: 7 Tips to Improve Customer Relationships

Do your customers adore you? If so, you must be doing something right. Do you have a customer retention strategy in place or goals to improve customer loyalty? It’s one thing to acquire new customers, but it’s entirely another thing to keep them coming back for more. Read more

9. How to Examine Your Business from a Customer’s Perspective

Every small business should put their “customer hat” on more often. How often have you, as a consumer, grumbled about a not so great customer experience? Have you ever purchased a product or service that did not meet your expectations? Was the service provider a little curt during the transaction? These are just a few scenarios that can cause a customer to refrain from doing business with your company. Read more

10. 5 Easy Ways to Improve Small Business Customer Service

If customer service is designed to be a series of activities meant to enhance a company’s level of customer satisfaction – why are so many customers dissatisfied? When a product or service hasn’t met a customers’ expectation, that experience can negatively impact your small business in a major way. Read more

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