5 Articles to Read Before Hiring Your Next Intern

Before you develop an internship program for your small business, here are five must-read articles to help you navigate the process with ease.

Are you considering hiring a student or a recent graduate as an intern? If so, providing supervised practical training can lend benefits to your organization and the intern. But before you develop an internship program for your small business, here are five must-read articles to help you navigate the process with ease:

1. How to Legally Hire and Manage an Intern

Internships, when done correctly, are win-win propositions between the business and the intern. Businesses benefit from fresh, creative talent at low or no cost, while interns gain valuable real world experience with the possibility of being considered for full-time employment. However, there are laws and mandates in place regarding interns that businesses must adhere to. Simply put, the internship must benefit the student through monetary compensation or college credit. Read more

2. 5 Things to Consider Before You Hire Your Next Intern

Interns can be valuable resources for startups — especially bootstrapped businesses that need help but can’t afford to bring on full-time employees. However, having a successful internship experience requires preparation. Here are five things every small business should consider before hiring an intern. Read more

3. Posting Internships: How to Find (and Benefit From Hiring) Student Interns

As you set new goals and move forward in your business, here is an idea to help your company grow: Hire less experienced but driven individuals. Hiring new interns not only brings new skills and fresh ideas to your company but it allows you to possibly scout new talent for your growing business.

While hiring talented, experienced employees unarguably contributes to your business, student interns also bring a unique set of strengths and benefits. Read more

4. How to Prepare For, Find and Utilize Rock Star Interns

Being self-employed is fabulous – and fabulously overwhelming!  When my business started gaining momentum, I quickly realized there was far too much for me to do on my own.  Sleeping suddenly became a thing of the past and I struggled to keep up with the day-to-day operations while pushing growth forward.  With a minimal start-up budget, I needed to think quickly; calling on my nearly 10 years of HR experience, I decided to launch a search for help … and took a chance on the ubiquitous intern. Read more

5. Do You Have Unpaid Interns? You Might Be Breaking the Law

It is not uncommon for startups to hire interns to help grow their businesses. In fact, what startup doesn’t hire interns? “Silicon Valley mainstays and startups like Google and Dropbox are hiring tons of interns for this coming summer, the Wall Street Journal Reports. Dropbox plans to hire three times as many interns for this summer as for last summer. This would make interns one whole third of Dropbox’s entire engineering team (businessinsider.com).” Read more

Need more information on how to correctly hire unpaid interns? Refer to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Fact Sheet and ensure your small business passes the Test for Unpaid Interns.

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