7 Ways to Delight Customers with Superior Online Customer Service

Here are seven things that e-tailers should consider when creating a welcoming online space for their guests.

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5. Entertainment: This is pretty straightforward. Boring people don’t have many friends. Neither do boring companies.

6. Knowledgeable and Helpful: Friendships are often built when people forget about themselves and are open, honest, and helpful to those around them. As a company, think about how you can make product suggestions, share service information, and give your opinion to your guest. Make them feel loved.

7. Tailoring Responses: When a friend asks for help, you probably wouldn’t give the friend a blanket statement or general response about the situation. Don’t do that with your website guests, either. When you’re being “knowledgeable and helpful,” make sure you’re giving individual attention; making your guest feel important and heard.

The key to creating great customer service content is not concentrating so much on the sale, but creating a space that first and foremost takes into consideration your guests’ overall experience. Make them feel welcome and loved, like a guest in your home, and they’ll want to return.

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