Interview: Apostrophe Copywriters Founders Talk Landing Global Clients and Unlikely Inspiration

Learn how Stefanie Digianvincenzo and Crystal Fong launched Melbourne's first copywriting collective and why entrepreneurs should go mobile to find inspiration.

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Best Success Story:

Some of our wins are mighty impressive. Winning Young Glory 2012, an 8-month long creative competition with fellow talents under 30 (Aron Tzimas and Daniel Grech), has been a major win for us. We had creative directors from all over the world recognize our ideas as being both innovative and worthy of merit.

Another win (although not necessarily as high profile) was making it to our 12 month anniversary. In the early days our accountant told us that 80% of partnerships fail in the first year. We told ourselves we would be in the 20% and we are. To us, that’s impressive.

However, the biggest success is how happy we are to come to work each day. We live happy, healthy and balanced lives that are enriched, not burdened by the work we do. In order to achieve this, mix it up, keep it fresh, and reward yourself for your hard work. Always remember, life is about having fun, so even if you have to work long hours, make a novelty of it.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

The biggest challenge is getting people to see value in what we do. Almost anyone can write, but can they do it well?

There are some people out there who don’t understand the difference between sentences and words that have the power to inspire an entire audience. We try our best to educate our potential clients, but in the end we learned our biggest lesson: sometimes you just can’t convince those who aren’t on the same wavelength, even as copywriters.

We try not to give our clients the hard sell. We talk through our backgrounds, our model, our other writers, and our case studies, and we obviously do it all with great passion. In most cases, that’s more than enough for like-minded people to want to work with us. What’s important is to spend time on the clients who see the value in what we do and redirect those who don’t.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

Stay mobile if you can. Laptops mean we can do our work from almost anywhere, which often lands us in cake shops or other places where we find inspiration.

Some months ago we were working on a pitch for a wine company. After hours of brainstorming, thoughts were beginning to get a little dry, so we [drove to a nearby] vineyard to find the inspiration we needed.

A little while ago we had a massive website to write. This thing was mammoth. So, rather than sitting in the office with our butts glued to a desk chair, we decided to turn a beach house into our office for the week. We worked just as hard as we would have in the office, but after all was done there was an ocean waiting for us to dip in.
Tim Ferriss has also been a great inspiration for us. Some of his lifestyle tips are pure gold.

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