DIY Web Design: How to Create Your Company Website in 5 Easy Steps

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4. Further Your Web Design Education

For most DIYers, there will be things that you want to do on your site that you can’t figure out. As you work on developing your site, I suggest keeping a running list of skills you need to learn in order to execute your site plan. Once there are a few things on the list, take a few hours to find video tutorials, which can usually be found for free on YouTube.

Additionally, create a list of skills you’d like to learn in the future. If you make a point to always be learning new things, then your site will improve along with your knowledge base.

Anything that really stumps you should be added to a list of programming needs. You can post jobs to sites like ELance and ODesk to try to find someone to finish up these last few items for a reasonable price. It’s important to know when and how to call in a pro.

5. Review Your Site and Launch

If I had a dollar for every DIYer that doesn’t put together a site review team, I’d be rich! You and your business deserve feedback from a savvy group of individuals whose opinions you trust and admire. A mass email to friends and family simply doesn’t cut it.

Before you officially launch your site, I suggest asking yourself, “What are the top three goals of my homepage design?” Whatever those goals are, make sure that when you step back and look at the site, the initial visual impact drives your visitor in those directions.

Remember, as a DIYer your site will be an ongoing learning experience. Eventually, you may be able to hire a web coordinator or outsource it. In the meantime, treat your website with the same due diligence and planning that you give to the rest of your business functions.

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