9 Ways to Deal with Unhappy Customers

They say your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. But how do you turn disgruntled buyers into raving fans?

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6. Overcompensate for shortcomings.

“I always overcompensate. If a customer did not like a product of ours, they keep it for free and I will also refund their money as well as any associated shipping cost since we’re almost exclusively available online, and often give them an incentive such as a coupon for their future business (and respect).  I find this really helps the customer see you in a positive light.”

– Danna Norek, Founder of Aura Sensory, @aurasensory

7. Turn a negative into a positive.

“Create an opportunity to satisfy [customers]. Any negative situation with a customer can be flipped into a positive one; it’s all in how you approach it. Let the customer know that their happiness is your #1 priority and make sure they walk away feeling like they got a great deal. Make them the priority.”

– Stephan Aarstol, Founder of Tower Paddle Boards, @towerpb

8. Release new features.

“Usually dissatisfied customers leave bad reviews on my mobile apps or email me very negative emails. But I just respond kindly, offering to help them however I can. I also often release new features [when they ask], which impresses them. Plus, my genuine approach seems to resonate with people since they see that I am truly trying to help them.

– Alex Genadinik, Founder of Problemio, @genadinik

9. Never rush the customer.

“Hear out the complaint in detail no matter how long it might take. Ask the client what they believe to be the best solution.  If you can meet their terms, great; if not, tell them what you are able to do and ask for an agreement. This strategy gets the client to realize you are listening, you care and that you are trustworthy.”

– Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, @smoothsale

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