The #1 Silent Business Killer Among Entrepreneurs

Unequivocally, regardless of our various levels of small business success, we have all experienced it. Why? Because we are human. But that is not an excuse to stay...

Has your business overpowered your thoughts in such a way that it’s hard to remain focused? Have you taken a leap of faith in your business, recently? Maybe you just endeavored on a new launch that presents a ton of risk? Or possibly, you have exciting plans for your business, but the sheer magnitude of your vision leaves you wondering – “Where do we go from here?”

Or perhaps (gasp) you have failed?

Welcome to the land of overwhelm – the most “unmagical” place on earth.

But don’t worry; you won’t be staying long. So pack your mental baggage, grab your frustration tent and bid overwhelm adieu. It’s time to inject new life into your business – and frankly, it starts with you.

Disclosure: If you’ve never been overwhelmed in business, this article is not for you. Kindly click on to learn 20 reasons why you’re so awesome. But if you have been, or are currently, overwhelmed – read on. This is going to get really good.


‘Overwhelm’ Strikes 3 in 3 Entrepreneurs Each Year

When you are overwhelmed in business, you are mentally overpowered by thoughts and feelings. It is a serious business challenge, simply because it leads to so many other undesirable outcomes. For instance, it can manifest externally with crappy CEO behaviors or disenchanted employees struggling with your management style, who end up managing you while you should be managing them.

I’d venture an unscientific guess that “overwhelm” strikes three in three entrepreneurs each year. In fact, it’s the primary, underlying cause of business failure. I stress the point, underlying, because it is a root issue that is symptomatic of a host of visible business ailments.

Consider with me: If you are a human being, you have been overwhelmed. If you are a human being that has decided to become an entrepreneur, you have definitely been overwhelmed. And if by some fluke of nature you haven’t — trust me, bookmark this article, and stay in business a little while longer  — soon you will be able to relate.


Is ‘Overwhelm’ Keeping You Up at Night?

Unequivocally, regardless of our various levels of small business success, we have all been overwhelmed. Why? Because we are human. But that is not an excuse to stay there.

Here’s what you should understand about “the land of overwhelm” – it is not your final stop. In fact, it is not even a good proverbial parking space and the view, well, leaves much to be desired. It is a temporary state of being that can either push you into your purpose or paralyze your mind and your profit. My hope is that you will allow it to catalyze your plans and not allow it to lay siege over your life and business.

First, ask yourself, “How do I feel when I’m overwhelmed in business?” Next, “What is my reaction to being overwhelmed?” Lastly, “Have I found a systematic way to overcome it?”

It’s important to gain clarity on what your overwhelmed state of being looks like so you can stop it in its tracks the next time you see it galloping your way in the distance. Because when you’re overwhelmed it becomes increasingly hard to be creative, develop your next marketing plan, focus on your partnership conference call and build a profitable business.

Learning how to overcome being overwhelmed is the first step in mastering your mind which will in turn prepare you to master your business. Entrepreneurship, after all, is an inside job.


Why You Should Care About Being Overwhelmed

Why should you care about being overwhelmed?

Simply put, Neuroscience tells us that a stressed brain is a useless brain, according to Social-Brain.com writer Kevin Torres. When we stress, “there are two key hormones at work in our brains, adrenaline and cortisol.  At low levels cortisol helps our brain function optimally by facilitating thought and cognition. In response to a stressor, soaring cortisol levels paired with a boost of adrenaline can literally paralyze the brain’s critical abilities,” Torres explains.

Being overwhelmed in business not only causes stress, it propagates multiple breaks in concentration. This is problematic when iteration and execution are essential methods that drive your business forward.


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