Have You Fallen For the ‘Website Optimization’ Scam?

In a business environment where Internet marketing opportunities abound, there are too many small businesses paying for solutions that don't bring in new customers.

It’s no secret that marketing is important for small businesses.

The ability to out-market competitors can be important for a growing business. However, in a market where Internet marketing opportunities abound, there are too many businesses paying for solutions that don’t bring in new customers.

You might ask, “Why would anyone pay for something that would not bring in revenue?”

The simple answer is this: many small businesses still lack knowledge of how Internet marketing works.

Whether you are launching a startup, or have been in business for a while, you will need to become relevant on the Internet to maximize your earning potential.


‘Website Optimization’ vs. Search Engine Optimization

First of all, there is a huge difference between website optimization and search engine optimization (SEO), an SEM strategy.

Website optimization involves creating a great website with good content, meta tags, and relevant keywords. It does not include link building or activity, the two things you need in order to become relevant on the Internet. SEO combines website optimization with link building and activity.

So here is the dilemma.

If you want to become relevant on the Internet the first thing you need is a company website. So, you contact a web design company and they charge you “X” amount of dollars to design your new website. Then, you may opt to pay a monthly fee (i.e. $60 to $600 per month) for “website optimization”.

This is where you are wasting your precious marketing dollars. Your company website should be 100% optimized when the website is complete and goes live. There is no reason, at all, for you to pay to optimize a website after it is created.


The ‘Website Optimization’ Scam

The reason web design companies charge a monthly “optimization” fee is simple: many small business owners don’t know any better.

They charge you these “optimization” fees because, once your website is finished, they won’t be able to generate additional revenue. So they tell you that you to pay for website optimization on a monthly basis, which basically means you are paying them to do absolutely nothing.

If you pay for “website optimization services”, then you are being scammed.

By definition, a scam is to swindle someone by means of a trick. Everyone has heard of search engine optimization, the keyword being optimization. So some web design companies trick you by using the word “optimization”, and most small business owners will think that can enhance their relevance on the Internet.

Hopefully, at this point, you now understand the difference between website optimization and search engine optimization. I am not saying that you don’t need to optimize your website; rather, I am saying that once your website is “optimized”, you don’t need to keep optimizing it. It should be done right the first time.

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Max Weiss is the President and Founder of Local Marketing US, a San Diego-based marketing company that provides search engine optimization, website design and other internet marketing services. He has been in advertising and marketing for over 15 years and preaches transparency, honesty and integrity in marketing.


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