5 Non-Business Related Things Entrepreneurs Should Do Before Age 30

Here are five non-business related things every twenty-something should do ... ideally before you turn thirty.

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4. Find a life mentor.

While some fiercely independent entrepreneurs will tell you they did it all by themselves, most will tell you that mentors played a pivotal role in steering their careers and passions.

Find someone invested in your well-being and future. While business mentors are useful, having a more holistic life mentor with a wider perspective of who you are and who you want to become can be beneficial.

There are two ways of find mentors: drawing in and reaching out. When you have a magnificent idea, vision, and faith there is a brilliant light in you. When others see that light, they will want to mentor you because they see some of themselves in you.

In contrast, you can see that ‘certain something’ in someone else when you are inspired by them. Then you have a responsibility to reach out and bring them into your life.

You’ll never find a mentor if you don’t ask. It may take a bit of pestering and perseverance, but you have to realize you are worth mentoring.


5. Raise a dog by yourself.

No one will ever love you as much as your puppy does. You could leave home hours on end and put her out in the weather and the moment you get home she will be elated.

The second day after I got my 5 month-old Alaskan Malamute, she chewed up a pair of Louboutins. From the start, after the slobber and broken glass, I’ve cleaned up after her; you’d think that I would despise her. But instead, day-by-day I’ve only grown to love her more. Having a puppy teaches you patience and how to return unconditional love.

Owning a dog also teaches you to never want anything in return. Some may argue, certainly the puppy provides empathetic support, but in reality my puppy doesn’t do anything for me than use up my resources (i.e. food and shelter).

For an animal who doesn’t speak, puppies ask for a lot. She wants me to pet, cuddle, feed, walk and spend all my time with her… and I will continue to give her those things even if she doesn’t lick my face in gratitude. Having a puppy has taught me to apply that same kind of unconditional love to people in my life as well.

While it sounds cliche, the responsibility for raising a puppy prepares you for much more, including starting a business, creating relationships, and having children.


Photo: Stephany Zoo, Founder of Bundshop
Photo: Stephany Zoo, Co-founder of Bundshop

Stephany Zoo is the Co-founder of Shanghai City, China- based ‎BUNDSHOP, a facilitator of incredible Chinese design to the world. Zoo creates fire, not flash. A vigorous steward of brand, Stephany is endlessly excited about enduring imprints of image and word. A NY and TX transplant, Stephany seeks to bridge her bicultural heritage and achieve a greater understanding of international consumer behavior in Shanghai, China. Ultimately, she wants to be a superconnector and a cult leader.

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