Improve Online Content Engagement in 4 Simple Steps

Here are four simple ways to maximize awareness of your company's content and promotional offers.

Creating a company website is ultimately about luring prospective customers to learn about, try or purchase your products or services. Content is an essential component of any successful website to help you accomplish these broader goals. Here are four simple ways to maximize awareness of your company’s content and promotional offers.


1. Use social media, strategically.

Building an online audience is a huge piece of the content marketing puzzle. Use social media platforms to discuss promotions, new products, and industry news – everything you can offer. Provide customers with an extra channel for feedback, technical or customer service questions. Small businesses can also link up with an influential social media account or industry-relevant celebrity or personality for additional promotion. Friends in social places can put you in new customers’ good graces.


2. Develop a newsletter audience.

First-time visitors may never return, so use email newsletters to continue the conversation. Strong e-newsletter content can remind a visitor of your website’s value and benefit. Then utilize your email newsletter platform to introduce a loyalty program ideas to show your frequent customers some love. Make it easy for them to return by providing links back to your site.


3. Consider PPC advertising.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can represent a cost-effective advertising opportunity, but the management of these types of search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are both an art and a science. The goal of a PPC campaign is to secure top placement on search engines so your company’s visibility is increased among active online searchers. Visitors will then click on your paid ad if your message and promotion is relevant and timely. Therefore, it is important to ensure keywords, ad copy and landing pages are all cohesive and relevant to your business, as these factors will impact your bids and ad placement.


4. Research website hosting add-ons.

Your website hosting provider is available to make it easier to for your company website to succeed – it’s how they turn you into a repeat customer. So, research the options available. Many website hosing services will offer traffic driving tools through a unified control panel, for simplified management.

These tools include utilities that help websites grow such as newsletter broadcast tools to get your email marketing campaigns up and running, or website builder apps to handle your mobile and social presence. Also, don’t forget to look into social media integration tools that can provide a convenient channel for communicating with your customer base.


Alison Brehme is the senior online marketing manager at Hostway Corporation, a provider of cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting and web hosting services. Brehme has over 10+ years of online advertising and marketing experience. She has worked with B2B and B2C companies such as Dell, AMD, Seagate Technologies, Blu-Ray Disc Association, etc. Visit her blog, B2B Media Mavens, where she shares advice, best practices, and POVs etc for all things advertising, marketing and media.


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