5 Smart Ways to Avoid the Commodity Trap

To establish your platform and to position yourself as an expert, I recommend taking five simple steps.

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2. Take a stand.

To be seen as a thought leader, you’ll need to take a stand for something. When you acknowledge your stance, be sure to share it openly. Taking a stand is about designing your platform and the stage upon which you will speak. Sharing and conversing about a specific and relevant topic can help you stand out in your industry.


3. Speak up.

Partner with a speaking bureau and seek bookings at events to discuss your core competencies. Public speak automatically enhances your expert status. But don’t get too excited about multiple speaking topics and stray from your core.

Speak on the topics you want to be known for and, when you speak, if you’re not getting paid, have a plan in place to monetize your appearance by offering audience members your products or services.


4. Share expert content.

By sharing industry knowledge and expertise using contributed articles to industry-relevant blogs, websites, magazines, or books, you can instantly become recognized as an authority. When you write, be sure to include a by-line that shares exactly how others can connect with you should they want to deepen the relationship. The second you show up as an author of something, your credibility is enhanced — which helps you stand out in your industry.


5. Purchase a AskYourName.com domain.

When you answer the questions of others, you can gain instant credibility. In full transparency, part of the reason I host Incredible Factor TV is for the credibility boost it gives me to answer other entrepreneur’s questions about business building topics. If you’re not ready for the big screen, you can also look into the LinkedIn feature answers and submit answers to questions that fall inside of your expertise.


Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA, The Incredible Factor Speaker, business coach and mentor, is the founder of Incredible One Enterprises.com, Incredible Factor University® and the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System® a proven step by step program for more clients, more income and more leverage in your business.

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