5 Team Building Exercises to Improve Company Culture

Team building activities in the workplace can increase goal achievement, process efficiency and overall employee satisfaction.

4. One Question Ice Breaker

  • Time Required: 15-20 minutes
  • Goal: Get coworkers talking to each other and working with one another.

As the leader, decide what situation the icebreaker question will introduce. For example, this might include workplace dynamics, coaching a sports team, pursuing goals, or love relationships. Next, pair participants into teams and pose the question: “If you could ask just one question to discover a person’s suitability for (insert topic here), what would your question be?

If you chose pursuing goals, each two-person team would then come up with one question to discover whether or not their other team member was suitable to pursue their goals. This icebreaker activity can also be modified by issuing one situation for an entire group.


5. The Great Egg Drop

  • Time Required: 2 hours
  • Goal: Improve individual and team problem solving skills.

This messy, yet classic and engaging, problem solving activity requires splitting the office into two large groups with the task of building an egg package that can sustain an eight foot drop. A variety of tools and other materials should be provided to the teams.

After the packages have been built, each team must also present a 30-second advert for their package, highlighting why it’s unique and how it works. At the conclusion of the presentations, each group will have to drop their egg using their package to see if it really works. Aside from teaching the groups to work together and communicate, it also brings them together with the common goal of both winning the egg drop and successfully creating an egg package.


Team building activities in the workplace can increase goal achievement, process efficiency and overall employee satisfaction. Clarifying group goals, setting up clear roles, and establishing clear channels for communication and task completion are important steps. When employees have clarity about their roles and feel confident about their overall contributions, the workplace tends to progress more efficiently and effectively.

Dani Zehra is passionate SEO and blogger. She has a flair for writing about branding and how different tactics can help businesses to grow.


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